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November 15, 2019  

The Case of DJ Fickey

November 15, 2019

DJ Fickey, a loved man and father of three, was killed on October 3rd 2016 and his death was ruled as a suicide.  

DJ's family, aware of the circumstances surrounding his death believe it should not have been ruled a suicide and have been using every resource available to them to get the word out.  Join us as we go over the details of the case using information provided by Amanda Shirley, DJ's sister, and as we sit in disbelief that this case never went further.  

If what you hear has you convinced there is more going on, consider helping Amanda by signing this petition to re-open the case:



All clips provided Amanda Shirley.  They have been edited for time, but no clips are edited to fit a narrative.

Clip of Amanda remembering DJ is pulled by this video which also covers her situation:


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